About Me!

"Im a mexi-CAN not a mexi-CANT" ~ some really cool person online

Hey! Welcome to my website. My real name is a secret but you can call me Lily or Tigerlily, whatever you feel like. I am 18 and a Senior in High School. I love music, marching band, robotics, and thriller/horror content! I also love going on hikes and exploring abandonded places. Theres such a strange beauty in structures left to time. I'm a band kid (scary I know) and most of my interests are somewhat band-related. I play the bass clarinet and I love being in the low winds section! Small but mighty as some might say. Actually no one says that but lets pretend they do. I also play the clarinet, bass guitar, baritone, tenor sax and the timpani. The timpani i enjoy a lot, but I'm only playing it during the indoor percussion season. I love low instruments if you can't tell lol. I've been doing robotics at my school since freshman year, because I love c++ coding and building little robots. I am also a lover of funky earrings and all things weird. Trippy content is my favorite content.

Likes: Band, abandonded places, tamales, hanging out with friends, the bass clarinet, WGI, DCI, driving around at night, nature, computer technology, trippy art, old web, photography, awesome herbs and funky music.

Dislikes Rude people, dairy (excluding ice cream), people who make fun of others for liking "cringy" things, and history class.

About the Website!

To be perfectly honest, this website was made to learn more about coding before I made a fool out of myself in robotics in the fall (2022). This turned into more than that as I worked on the site more and more. Neocities grew on me over the past few months and i love being a part of the neocities community here. I genuinly have fun updateing this website, and hope you all find it entertaining! Have fun exploring!

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Want to Contact Me?

The guestbook is always groovy but if you want to chat add me on discord (tigerlilyblues#0745).

DMs are always open!