Hey! Welcome to my website. My real name is a secret but you can call me Lily or Tigerlily, whatever you feel like. I am 18 and a Senior in High School. I love music, marching band, robotics, and thriller/horror content! I also love going on hikes and exploring abandonded places. Theres such a strange beauty in structures left to time. Its definitly my favorite thing to do.

This website was honestly made to learn more about coding before I make a fool out of myself in robotics next year.

Update!!!: I am working on another website right now, so this website will not be updated as much. I hope to release the new website soon!

If you want to chat add me on Discord (tigerlilyblues#0745)

If you are done scrolling through this website, check out the "Other cool websites to explore" page. Its filled with odd, mysterious, and interesting websites that I love. Have fun exploring!