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Hey there! Welcome to the robots page. I have built a few robots, ranging from working and cool to the worst thing that you've ever seen, so heres a collection of them!

Most Recent Robot! (November 2022 - March 2023)

Can't reveal this robot until competition season is over in March 2023 but trust me its better than the other robots on this page =). I hope to share it with you all soon!

Arduino Robot (October 2022 - November 2022)

This robot was not very good. I didn't have time to test it so I'm not sure how much it works. Our goal of this robot was to use an ultrasonic sensor to avoid walls when the robot is running. This was the first arduino & the first autonomous robot I built. It was definitly harder than the VEX robots to build/program.

The non-electrical components were created on Fusion 360 and later 3D printed. I ended up printing these peices twice, as the first print was so thin that they snapped when I screwed them into the board.

The project was mostly programing and wiring the arduino. I love arduinos so much so this was really fun! I don't have any videos of it but here are some pictures. This robots name is Harold

Summer Robot (July 2022)

This robot was made in a week over the summer in groups of three! I don't if we gave it a name but it looks like a squidward, so thats what I'm gonna call him. Out goal was to be able to pick up cones and stack them on top of a base.

We started off building a super simple base. The base was really lightweight and quick to build so it definitly helped speed up the building process on this one. I wish that we had more time so we could make a tank-like rolling base. It wouldn't help the function of the robot too much but it would make the robot cool as hell.

For the cone lifting mechanism we just did a simple arm. It was a little hard to control but It got the job done! This was a super fun challenge and I loved building this little guy. We lost the class-wide competition but thats okay =) there is always time to try again.

First VEX robot! (December 2021 - March 2022)

This robot was made for skills USA and was the first robot I ever built. Her name was Jen! Its not much but I had so much fun making it. The process fo building this robot was build something, test it, find that it would work better another way, and take it apart. I think the robot was taken apart more than it was added onto lol. The compeition this robot was made for was for VEX tipping point, which is a super fun game to play in, if you ever get the chance =).

We decided to focus on making an arm that can grab and lift up the goals. We didn't want to grab the rings. because they didn't have a giant amount of points attachted to them. We found out pretty quickly that the arm was too weak to lift up the goal, but it could drag it! The zip tie on the arm was put just to balence the robot out.

This robot didn't look very pretty, and definitly wasn't even close to the best on the feild, but it was so fun to make! I loved learned about robots and how to build/program them. This definitly helped me so much when I build another VEX robot.

Where my robot interest started

In eigth grade, everyone was put in an intro robotics class. In the class we programmed those little lego robots. My friend and I's robot was named Harlo and was either number 11 or 14. Can't fully remeber. We didn't do that much with building them, but programming them was so fun that I decided to sign up for the Robotics/Pre-Engineering votech class in my high school. So glad I did that, because I have had so much fun working on robots for the past few years. If you ever are intereted in persueing something, do it! It is so worth it.

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