Yes they all have names


Carmen is my clarinet and the first instrument I have ever played (Besides the recorder). I love playing the clarinet so much. My favorite stuff to play on the clarinet is jazz and concert band music.

Some other cool stuff

I started playing the clarinet because I thought that its tone was chocolaty

I used to dress up as squidward and play the clarinet in middle school


Luna's my bass clarinet. I do not own her, she belongs to my school, but I'm going to include her anyways because I love the bass clarinet. My favorite things to play on the bass clarinet is dark classical stuff and some concert band music. Arabesque has my favorite bass clarinet lines. I play the bass clarinet the most at school for concert, jazz, marching band and all state band. Love the bass clarinet

Other cool facts

The person who borrowed this instrument from the school before me was also a singer in our jazz band!

Most of the bass clarinet parts in concert band match up with the tuba or tenor sax parts.


Sage is my bass guitar. I don't have an amp for her right now, but she is so pretty. Look at the color! Its so pretty

Other cool facts

This is my newest instrument

Green day, MCR, The Garden, and Stevie Wonder bass lines are my favorite to play

I named this bass after my favorite herb & shade of green! (although shes more of a forest green)


Selena is my flute. I'm in the middle or repairing and cleaning her up right now, but hopefully I will be able to play her soon

Other cool facts

I named my flute after Selena Quintantilla, the Tejano singer

This is my first fix-everything instrument project


Lia's my tenor sax. Shes super cool and groovy even if shes a little broken. I play her in jazz band and I love how the tenor sax sounds.

Other cool facts

Shes named after a combination of past tenor-sax seniors names

One of the man reasons I became interested in tenor saxes was because of moon hooch (awesome band btw


The worst part about being a percussionist is not being able to name/own your drums. I play the timpani for my schools indoor percussion group and snare drum on the side. I usually call any drum I play my hoe though. I dont have a name for these guys yet but I love percussion so here they are

Other cool facts

Taping my drumsticks is such a fun thing

The Marimba is my favorite sounding percussion instrument, although i haven't learned to play it yet

I am a percussion fangirl through and through


This little guy is my marching baritone, who i love so so so so much

Other cool facts:

my goal is to march baritone for an open class dci group in summer '24

Caroline crown is my favorite corp! I also love the bluecoats


This funky fresh dude is my euphonium! I love playing her so much and the euph is my favorite low brass instrument besides tuba

Other cool facts:

His name comes from shortened version of the first baritone player I ever mets name!

My mom thinks that this is a tuba

i am a euph fangirl

I was first introduced to how cool the euphonium could be from the sound! euphonium solo 5 years ago!


Monty's my trombone! I named the trombone after my high school band director because he plays trombone.

Other cool facts:

I did not want to buy a trombone, but I found one for free, so thats pretty groovy :)

my arms are too short to play 7th position idk how you tromboners do it

My dad also used to play the trombone!


Here's my Ukelele! I don't play it much anymore but it was my favorite thing to play in middle school. Not sure how well it plays now but I think it has a really cool design.

Other cool facts

I named my instrument after the drummer in twenty one pilots :S

The reason I started playing was to play twenty one pilots songs

As you can see, I was a twenty one pilots fan in middle school

Instruments I would love to get

my own bass clarinet


Neck Straps/Harnesses

I ususally don't use a neckstrap or harness when playing any intrument, but for marching season I alternated between the neck strap and harness you see here. The neck strap is definitly better if you are sitting down or not playing for a long time, but if you have a parade, use the harness. Your neck will thank you later.

Other fun stuff

Thumb Pads!

So so so helpful if you play clarinet. And they come in a bunch of cool colors too!


Idk why but I have so many tuners.

Reeds :)

I've used so many reeds over the years but my favorites have been the Vandoran 3.5 reeds and the legere synthetic 3.25/3.75 reeds. Rico reeds are okay, but I've found that the Vandoran reeds last a lot longer and have a higer quality in tone.

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