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Senior Year Classes? [01/19/23]

Its so crazy to think that senior year is so close for me. Honestly didn't think I'd make it this far and that this day will come so soon. In my head, im still a 6th grader who was dancing around her room to "Implicit Demand for Proof". I went last week to pick out my classes for senior year and here's what I got: Ap Compsci A, precalc, AP Lit, Spanish, Gym, Jazz, Robo, and Band. Most of these classes seem pretty fun and I'm sort of exited for the new year.

Happy New Year! [01/01/22]

Happy new year! Its strange to think that its already 2023. I honestly never imagined that this year would come. This is the year that most of my friends graduate. This is the year that I start my senior year of high school. This is the year I apply to college. Its crazy to think that so much time has passed, but it doesnt feel like any time has passed at all. I still feel like the 14 year old I was when we got the "two week break" in 2020. Time passing is crazy.

Assemblies [12/19/22]

Every week at school on Monday, we have an assembly. I'm not sure why we do these, as each assembly is the same. I decided to go today and they talked about getting ready for senior year. Same as always. I am getting nervous about senior year and becoming an adult. I don't know what I want to do in college and beyond. Growing up becomes less magical and more terrifying as you get older.

First Entry [?????]

I spent time in white space today. It was okay.

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