Cool Websites to Explore!

Hi there! Here are some websites Ive stumbled upon on Neocities that you should totally check out!

Be sure to give these lovely people's websites some support!


Other Wonderful Websites!

Wired Sounds for Wired People

Stonks 9800

Shoujo Morgue

Liminal Photos

Bettys Graphics

Yellow Frog

Kromer Coin

Ralsei Smoking a Dart

Mother Fucking Website

Mydora (old myspace music!!)

Resources! For file storage, I use it for the mp3's on my site.

Gifcities: Geocities/early web gifs

Gif Paradise: An awesome place for gifs

Animated Images: more gifs =)

Buttons/Banners: some cool banners/buttons

90's Curser Effects: Cool as hell

Imgur: Place to store images

Cameron's World: huge collection of gifs

Internet Button Archive: so many buttons!

y2k's Graphics Collection

Raining star's Stamp Collection

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