Site update log

I just started this log in november 2022, so please excuse the lack of entries before that. Honestly this page is just to prove that I do sometimes update the site. I forget to write what I did to update the site most days so the sites timeline is a litte all over the place.


New theme for the blog section!! From white space to Ocean/green themed- 2/7/24

I never use this lol. Added some songs to the music page, and added some blogposts

I removed the top bar/header of all the pages and added some omori gifs as well as a link to my web garden. -12/19/22

Redid the style sheet of the site. I am still working on it but it is now omori themed. I love omori so much so that is what this new style sheet is about. Have any of yall played omori? If you haven't you definitly should - 12/13/22

Added the sick sad world and bonzi buddy shrine page! They will be attatched to the main page of the site in the next few weeks!

Did some minor changes with the directory of the site. I changed the quotes page into a blog directory and the videos page into a video directory. The pages should load a bit quicker now, especially the video tabs. Some other minor edits were made, but none really changed the site. Just a few more videos added, few more entires added, etc. - 11/29/22

Hey there! I have been super busy with band and stuff recently but hopefully soon I will get a break and be able to update this site more! Ive been working on a beavis and butthead/daria themed site and it should be out soon. I can't wait for you all to see it! - 11/22/22

Changed the theme from a green studio ghibli theme to a red space theme. Differant header was also added - Sometime in october/early november

Happy Spooky Month! This is my favorite time of the year so its time for another update! I have just added some buttons to other sites and pictures on the "recomendations" page. Check them out! I have also changed up the banner - 10/12/22

Finally got the music to work! Click play on any of the music player bars to hear some tunes!

Site was created - 08/18/22

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